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Alton Comments  12/20/23 11:33:23 AM

Grain Delivery;

  • Contracted grain is applied to the oldest contract first.
  • Futures fix contracts will have the basis set to the contract bushels on the first unload or no later than the date Alton rolls cash bids to the next futures month.
  • Overfills will be cash priced day of unload unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • AGT will not accept grains containing GMO events not approved for US export markets.
  • Please call ahead for your checks so we can have them ready before you get here - Thanks!


  • Current grade factor, protein discounts and premiums are set first day of unload for any type of contracted grain.
  • Price later grain, when priced, is basis nearby bids not deferred bids.
  • Deferred purchase contracts are for delivery and payment in the deferred month that it is sold for.
  • Reminder - Seed company grain tickets are priced at the close of the day on the day of delivery.
  • Grain delivered is put on cash contract or priced at the close each day - unless basis cont or price later is set up before hauling.
  • Call for current price later programs.
  • Click on Discounts and Premiums for current scales.
  • Price later programs are subject to change at anytime - please stay in touch
  • Remember to make arrangements for a PL or Basis conts before hauling or grain will be priced at the close the day it dumps. 

New HTA (Futures Fix) contracts will be assessed the following charges; 

  • 2024 crop:  No service charge.
  • 2025 new crop months:  -$0.10 cents on Soybeans, -$0.05 cents on Corn and Wheat.
  • Please call with questions or offers.
  • All contracts are subject to the trade and arbitration rules of the National Grain and Feed Association.
  • Communicate early and often if you feel you may not be able to meet the contract terms.
  • Requests for changes in contract terms are required in writing.



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